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3J Data Recovery Services
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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Malfunction Classification

1. Soft Malfunctions: data losses caused by mis-partition, mis-formation, mis-deletion, mis-clone, MBR loss, BOOT loss, virus attack, hacker attack, mis-operation, malfunction of RAIDO, RAID1 and RAID5 disc arrays.

2. Hard Malfunctions:

(1) Malfunctions types:
    (A) CMOS failing to identify the hard drive
    (B) abnormal sound of screech coming from magnetic head colliding
    (C) motor at rest and silent after getting electric power
    (D) misplacing of magnetic head causing data writing & reading error
(2) Classification of Hard Malfunctions of Hard Drive
    (A) Malfunctions of disc body: burning of magnetic head, aging of magnetic head, magnetic head chip damaged, magnetic head missing, disc scratched, magnetic group deforming, servo information missing.
    (B) Malfunction of circuit board: circuit board damaged, chip burning, pin or wire broken.

Hard Drives Classification

PC hard drive, laptop hard drive, server hard drive, MAC/APPLE hard drives.

Interfaces Classification

Supporting IDE, SCSI, USB, ZIP interface and RAID array hard drive.

Operating Systems Classification

Supported operating systems including DOS/Win95/98/ME、WinNT/2000、WINXP、Linux and Mac OS.

Hard Drives Brands Classification

Supporting Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, IBM, Quantum, Hitachi, Samsung ,Toshiba, Fujitsu.

Other Media Data Recovery
Supporting hard drive, portable hard disc, USB storage, CD, floppy disc, tape, different digital cameras and their digital cards.

Document recovery
These corrupted files can be recovered:
1. Office series of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, outlook documents
2. SQL database document, Oracle database document, Foxbase/pro database document, Access database document and so on.
3. Image recovery and video repairing, including media files of such formats as MPEG、asf、RM、rmvb、avi、and mp3

Password Recovery
Your passwords can also be recovered. They are:
1. Windows NT /2000 boot password
2. Password for files compressed and encrypted of zip, rar and ace
3. Passwords for Office series documents and Lotus1-2-3 documents.

System Recovery
Your crashed system can return to the normal
1. Partition loss
2. One of the operating system does not boot because of improper configuration when several operating systems installed on your computer
3. Operating systems supported including Win95/98/ME 、WinNT/2000 、Linux/UNIX

Operating Systems Classification
Data of these operating systems can be recovered:
1. DOS, Windows95/98/2000/NT/XP
2. UNIX system
3. SCO Unix and Solaris
4. Linux
5. IBM OS/2
6. Novell Netware
7. Apple MAC OS

On-site Service

On-Site Service is only available within a 300 kilometer radius from our office and is charged on a Time Basis.

If you require On-Site service, 3J Data Recovery Services will send its engineers to you after receiving your call. You will be charged $250.00 per hour plus travel expenses or a minimum $500.00 regardless of a successful reparation or not. The service and the reparation will be performed at your site .

Out-of-Town Data Recovery

Please courier your media to 3J Data Recovery Services.

Packaging Instructions

It is very important to pack your devices properly!

  • Use a box size of not less than 5" x 8" x 10" and be sure that the drive has at least 5" of bubble-wrap insulation on each side.
  • If shipping more than one hard drive, please wrap each drive individually with at least 5" of bubble insulation.
  • Include the service order form.

Please do not use Styrofoam chips (packing peanuts!)
Please make sure that the media does not move in the box!

3J Data Recovery Services is not  responsible for any damages caused during shipment and recovery procedure.

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